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Odisha’s International Wood Expo 2024

Odisha’s Wood & Woodworking Exhibition

Odisha Wood 2024: Building a Strong Foundation for Growth

Welcome to Odisha’s Largest Wood and Woodworking International Expo – a premier event that serves as a catalyst for progress and innovation in the wood and woodworking sector. Odisha Wood 2024 is more than just an exhibition; it is a dynamic platform where participants and visitors alike converge to exhibit, exchange ideas, invest in cutting-edge technologies, and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

Key Highlights:

  1. Exhibition of Potential:
    • Participants have a unique opportunity to showcase their potential through detailed demonstrations of the latest products and services.
    • Industry-segmented pavilions provide a focused space for exhibitors, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted display.
  2. Innovation and Technology:
    • Odisha Wood 2024 is dedicated to presenting the latest innovations and technologies in the wood and woodworking sector.
    • Exhibitors have the chance to unveil groundbreaking solutions in Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Production Technologies, Tools & Fittings, Interior Design, Accessories, Raw Materials, and other key areas.
  3. Expert Presence:
    • The exhibition is graced by a multitude of knowledgeable and influential stalwarts from various sectors of the industry.
    • Attendees can benefit from interactions, gain insights, and establish valuable connections with industry leaders.
  4. Global Connectivity:
    • Exhibiting at Odisha Wood 2024 means connecting with the wood industry on a global scale.
    • The event serves as a bridge, fostering international collaborations and opening doors to new opportunities worldwide.

A Platform for Progress: Odisha Wood 2024 is more than an event; it is a strategic move towards shaping the future of the wood and woodworking sector in India. By participating in this expo, you position yourself at the forefront of progress, gaining access to the latest trends, networking with industry leaders, and contributing to the overall advancement of the wood industry.

Join us at Odisha Wood 2024, where innovation meets opportunity, and together, we build a strong foundation for the growth of the wood and woodworking industry in India.

Visitor Registration

Date: 15 Feb 2024 to 18 Feb 2024

Location: Baramunda Groundfield, Bhubaneshwar,Odisha

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