Phenol-formaldehyde (PF) Resin Manufacturing Process


  1. Phenol: 555 kg (based on 100% solid content)
  2. Formalin: 1000 kg (Phenol: Formalin ratio – 1:1.8)
  3. Caustic Soda: 45 kg (6-8% of Phenol)


  • One day before, mix 45 kg Caustic Soda with 85 kg water, allow it to cool, and use it in a cool condition.
  • Always use Caustic Soda in a cooled condition.

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Load Phenol and Formalin into the resin kettle.
  2. Stir well, then add the Caustic Soda solution.
  3. Maintain a temperature of 85-90 degrees.
  4. Control the excessive temperature using cooling water.
  5. Continue the reaction and monitor the flow time.
  6. When the flow time reaches 14-15 seconds within 1-1.5 hours, start the cooling process.
  7. Complete the resin process when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.
  8. Prepare for unloading.

Quality Check:

  1. Measure the final flow time using a flow cup (B-4) – 18-20 seconds is considered normal for good resin properties.
  2. Check water tolerance, maintaining it between 1:8 to 1:9.
  3. After unloading, send a sample to the lab for a resin quality check.

Resin Properties:

  • pH: 9 to 10
  • Solid Content: 48-50%
  • Water Tolerance: 1:8 to 1:9
  • Flow Time: 18-20 seconds

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