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Nepal Wood International Expo 2024, emphasizing its goals of driving the Indian furniture manufacturing and woodworking industry. This event appears to be a platform for stakeholders to meet decision-makers, acquire new customers, and discuss key industry issues.

The focus on digitalization, sustainability, skilling, supply chain management, innovation, and automation suggests that the expo aims to address contemporary challenges and trends in the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector. This approach aligns with the broader industry shift towards adopting advanced technologies and sustainable practices.

The emphasis on skilling also suggests a commitment to developing the workforce in the woodworking industry, ensuring that professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving landscape.

Date: 05 January 2024 to 7 January 2024

Location: Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal

Unlocking Growth and Global Collaboration: Nepal Wood International Expo 2024

  1. 100% Growth: Achieving 100% growth from the last edition indicates a significant expansion of the expo. This growth could be attributed to increased interest, participation, or the success of the previous edition.
  2. 250+ Regional & International Companies: The participation of over 250 companies from 10 different countries highlights the event’s international scope. This diversity in exhibitors brings a wide range of expertise, products, and perspectives to the expo.
  3. 15,000 Specialized Trade Visitors: The attendance of 15,000 specialized trade visitors reflects the expo’s popularity within the industry. This substantial number of visitors indicates a strong interest from professionals and stakeholders in the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sectors.
  4. Insured Potential Key Customers: The assurance of connecting exhibitors with insured potential key customers adds a layer of reliability to the event. This could enhance the likelihood of meaningful business interactions and collaborations.
  5. Opportunity to Conclude Deals and Strengthen Global Business: The expo provides a platform for participants to not only showcase their products and innovations but also to engage in business dealings. The emphasis on strengthening global business suggests a focus on fostering international partnerships and collaborations.

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