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India’s largest plywood company-Sharon Ply

Sharon Ply

Establishment: 1987
Headquarters: Chennai, India

Sharon Ply is India’s largest Plywood manufacture company. It manufactures a variety of interior & exterior plywood products including: Marine Ply, Commercial Ply,Block boards, Decorative laminates,Particle Boards.Sharon Ply was started by Mr. Vishnu Khemani  in 1987.

SharonPly has always been a trailblazer in the plywood sector, consistently introducing innovative and groundbreaking initiatives. It achieved a remarkable milestone as the inaugural plywood manufacturer to secure the esteemed ISO-9002 and ISO-14001 certifications. Additionally, SharonPly stands out as the exclusive producer that exports top-tier plywood to Japan, a nation renowned for its leadership in advanced plywood technology.

In the year 2022, SharonPly marked its 35th anniversary, a remarkable journey characterized by continuous growth and resilience. Throughout this time, the company has taken great pride in its role as a conscientious corporate entity, contributing its share to India’s remarkable and ongoing 75-year journey.

It has emerged as South India’s number one trusted Plywood brand. In the Sharon Ply manufacturing unit working more than 1500 employees. This plant, where the production efficiency is almost 100%, has the highest daily production 260 CBM of Plywood in India.

Largest plywood factory in india:Sharon Ply


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