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How do you calculate wooden Log volume?

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Calculate the Cubic Volume of a Log

Explore a detailed, step-by-step guide on calculating log volume. From initial measurements to final calculations, master the entire process with practical examples.

1. How to Calculate Log Volume in Cubic Feet (CFT)

1.1 Log Volume (Cubic Feet) calcultion Formula

Length (Inch)X Girth (Inch)X Girth(Inch) /27648= Log  CFT

Practical Tip: Ensure precise measurements for the most accurate results.

Example Calculation for Eucalyptus Log

Let’s consider a hypothetical eucalyptus log with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 50 Inch
  • Girth: 25 inches (circumference around the log)

=50 inch x 25 inch x 25 inch /27648

Eucalyptus Log Volume=1.130 CFT

1.2 Log CFT to Log CBM Conversion

Log CFT x35.315 = Log CBM

After obtaining log CFT, multiply it by 35.315 to convert it into log cubic meters (CBM).

2. How to Calculate Log Volume in Cubic meter(m3)

What is the most accurate method of log volume measurement?

= D2 (cm) x 0.7854 x L (m)/ 10000= m3 or CFT

Log Volume


Let Diameter = 30 Cm & Length = 250 Cm or 2.5 m

= 30 cm x30 cm x0.7854x 2.5 m

=0.176 CBM

Volume of a Eucalyptu Log , ​V​ = π × ​r​2 × ​L​, where ​V​ is the log’s volume, ​r​ is the radius of the log and ​L​ is its Length

Here mentioned that the length (L) is 2.5 meters, and the diameter (D) is 30 cm. The radius (r) can be calculated by dividing the diameter by 2:


=30 cm/2 , r= 15

=3.14 x 15 cm x 15 cm x 250 cm

To convert cubic centimeters (cm3) to cubic meters (m3), we divide by 1,000,000


=0.176 CBM

Tools for Log Volume Calculation

Discover the diverse tools available for calculating log volume, from traditional methods to modern technologies. Explore the pros and cons of each tool to choose the most suitable for your needs.

How to read measuring Tape
Measuring Tape

Importance of Log Volume Calculation

Delve into why calculating log volume is essential for forestry and timber industry professionals. Understand its role in sustainable forestry practices and economic considerations.


What factors can affect log volume calculations?

Log volume calculations can be influenced by factors such as irregular shapes, bark thickness, and variations in tree species.

Can software tools assist in timber volume calculations?

Yes, specialized software can streamline timber volume calculations, reducing the margin of error and increasing efficiency.

Are there industry benchmarks for CFT/Qtl and Sq. Ft./Qtl.?

Industry benchmarks may vary, but aiming for higher CFT and square footage per quintal is generally considered more efficient.

How can I optimize transportation costs based on weight conversion?

Understanding the weight-to-volume ratio allows you to optimize transportation costs by efficiently loading trucks with the maximum volume within weight limits.


Mastering the art of calculating log volume. Implementing these methods and insights into your operations ensures precision, informed decision-making, and optimal resource utilization.

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